Belfast mini mills llama alpaca

Our Mini Mill, unique in France,

guarantees 100% wool breeder

and can handle all the fleeces woolly animals (alpacas, lamas, Angora goats, sheep ...)

to transform them into woolen, felted or spun.


Thanks to Belfast Mini Mill Machines,

we are able to process your fiber in small quantities (from a set of 4 kg)

according to your wishes and ideas.

We control all steps of processing, washing spinning for one fleece.

Therefore we can guarantee full traceability of your wool.

Our biggest concern is to highlight the animal and its owner

and the final product.

But we can also respond to specific requests

to create unique yarn according to your wishes.

We also buy raw fleeces.

Soon in our shop,

you will find articles in wool (son knitting, knitted, felted objects ...)

manufactured by spinning with fleeces from only French breeding.


A question? a specific need?

do not hesitate to contact us.


Happy owners of Llamas & Alpaca since 2010.

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